The company - Synagri

The Company

Synagri L.P.

With more than 50 years’ experience, Synagri is a crop input marketing company that was established in January 2002 following the merger of Cargill and Yara’s sales networks.

Synagri’s operations span the entire province of Quebec, eastern Ontario, and parts of New York State.

As an industry leader and a key partner, Synagri’s mission is to support agricultural producers in being more productive.

Synagri’s vision is to be an integrated company offering simple, efficient, and safe solutions.

Synagri’s values are teamwork, accountability, know-how and customer care, whether external or internal.

Serving agricultural producers

During the manufacturing, retailing and distribution of crop production inputs, the company strives to provide high-performance products. The composition of its 3- and 5-star fertilizer blends, and Synagri’s manufacturing techniques result in products that clearly stand out from the competition.

Synagri offers a full range of crop protection products as well as a wide range of seed products. All its seed varieties are developed or tested in Quebec and Ontario as part of university, government, and private trials. This focus allows Synagri to provide varieties that meet local agronomic requirements and offer great yield potential, combined with appropriate recommendations.

One of the pillars of Synagri’s technical foundation is Geosoil, an accredited provincial laboratory that offers advanced soil analysis services. These testing capabilities are essential for producing accurate fertility reports and developing sound recommendations for its customers. These analytical capabilities are also a key component for Synagri’s research and development and its precision agriculture services, which include GPS soil analysis, field mapping, and variable-rate recommendations.

Employing 400 people during peak periods, Synagri has a team of more than forty agronomists and other specialists. By placing agronomic and technical knowledge at the heart of its approach, Synagri enables its clients to minimize their environmental footprint, produce more efficiently and obtain better returns.

Sylvain Lavoie, agr. MBA

General Manager

Sylvain Lavoie, agr. MBA

Limited partnership founded in 2002


Headquarters: Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Territory: Quebec, East Ontario, North USA

Number of branches: 22

Number of employees: 225-400