Agro-Environmental Fertilization Plan (AEFP)

Agro-Environmental Fertilization Plan (AEFP)

Our Agro-Environmental Fertilization Plan (AEFP) promotes a sustainable, clean, efficient, productive and profitable farming.

To achieve this, each field is studied and analyzed in order to determine its specific conditions, limitations, and potential.

The development of crop maintenance fertilization recommendations—adapted to each field according to its physical, biological and chemical characteristics—aims to obtain the optimal economic yield and maintenance of soil fertility, while taking into account regulatory requirements.

Even if no recommendation for soil enrichment is prescribed by the Synagri AEFP, it may be necessary to enrich certain fields to achieve the targeted objectives. The application of lime and organic fertilizers as well as the variable rate analysis (GPS) help enrich the unsaturated parts of the field without affecting areas deemed adequate.

Services Synagri - Notre plan agroenvironnemental de fertilisation (PAEF)


Pierre Pagé, agr. MBA

Agronomic Strategies Manager

Directeur recherche & services agronomiques


I have been an Agronomist for over 25 years, and I have a lot of experience in consulting service and technical fields, such as research and development in agriculture. I also have experience in managing business units, such as food processing plants.

At Synagri, I am in charge of research and development, the development of precision agriculture and all agronomic services, including the Geosoil laboratory.


  • The communication of technical agronomic information related to our products on your farm
  • The selection of the most advantageous production management
  • The implementation of precision agriculture on your farm
  • The improvement of the fertility of your soils
  • The implementation of research trials on your farm with precision farming technologies

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