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Accessibility Policy

In 2005, the Ontario government enacted the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The aim of the AODA is to eliminate barriers and make Ontario a welcoming and accessible place for people with disabilities by 2025. Accessibility standards were established as part of the AODA. These standards contain rules that businesses and organizations in Ontario must follow to identify, remove, and prevent barriers, enabling people with disabilities to have more opportunities to participate in everyday life. Under this legislation, Synagri L.P. is obligated to inform its employees and business partners of the measures taken to help us achieve our accessibility objectives. The approach chosen by Synagri L.P. is to publicly disclose our accessibility policy, which describes, among other things, desired and encouraged behaviors, as well as the procedures that Synagri L.P. will implement concerning employment, customer service, and communication within the company to enhance opportunities for people with disabilities and also support compliance planning with the AODA.

As a company based in Quebec but with establishments and operations in Ontario, Synagri L.P. is committed to ensuring that its workplaces meet the needs of employees and business partners with disabilities and comply with the AODA standards. Consequently, accommodation measures are available upon request during the hiring process, in customer service, or in any other communication.

For more details, access our policy by clicking here.

To address your questions or comments regarding how Synagri L.P. (“Synagri”) provides goods, services, or facilities to persons with disabilities or to obtain our compliance report, you can contact the Human Resources, whose contact information is as follows:


Human Resources
450 799-3225
5175 Boul. Laurier Est,
Saint-Hyacinthe, QC J2R 2B4

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