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Ensuring that we provide seeds that meet the needs of producers today and tomorrow is an ongoing task.

Yields, disease resistance, and quality of added-value grain or silage produced in a sustainable environment—all these elements must be taken into consideration by the seeds team when selecting a variety.

We invite you to read our Synagri seed guides and those of our partners for the 2020-2021 season by browsing the different tabs by product category.

You will also find documentation in the form of technical bulletins, crop results, videos, and much more.

Our Products

Produits de semences Synagri - Fourragères


We have a range of exclusive forage seeds that are high-performance, persistent and of the best quality.

Produits de semences Synagri - Céréales


We are committed to offering varieties with different characteristics in order to meet all the needs of our producers.

IP Soybeans

Our IP (Identity Preserved) varieties of conventional non-GMO soybeans are among the best for their resistance to White Mold, lodging, as well as their yield.

Produits de semences Synagri - Mais et Soya Dekalb

DEKALB Corn and Soybeans

Bayer and the DEKALB® corn seed breeding program are committed to building a robust lineup of high performing corn hybrids.

Horizon Seeds

Through our partner Horizon Seeds, we offer several of the Local Seeds hybrids.

Produits de semences Synagri - Bio et sans OGM

Organic and GMO-Free

We offer seeds and products adapted to your needs: Forage, cereals, corn, soybeans, fertilizers, as well as crop protection and health products.

Quality Assurance

More and more seeds are the privileged vehicle of new technologies and the source of the identity of the varieties in which we place our trust.


Complete Synagri Guide - Fertilizer - Seed - Services

Complete Synagri Guide – Fertilizer – Seed – Services

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Jocelyn Tousignant, agr.

Seed Manager

Jocelyn Tousignant, agr., MBA Directeur semences


I am a graduate Agroeconomist. My work experience with various companies has allowed me to acquire knowledge in procurement, management, and sales. I am focused on the objectives of my customers, and my listening skills have allowed me to develop and offer quality products to customers that optimize the return on their investment. Climate change, consumers and regulations all force the agricultural sector to adapt, and I am very mindful of these factors in my daily work.


  • Optimizing the return on your investments
  • Offering you the seed products that make us an essential supplier to the success of your business!

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