We are committed to developing and distributing high-quality fertilizers that help agricultural producers optimize their yields.

If you are looking to improve the quality and yield of your crops, or if you simply need advice on crop nutrition, feel free to browse the tabs by product categories.

You will also find various informative and developmental documents, such as the results obtained over several years on our research farm, instructional videos and technical bulletins to help you make the best decisions according to your needs.

Our Fertilizer

Produit fertilisants Synagri - Fertilisants granulaires 3 et 5 étoiles

3 and 5 Star Granular Fertilizer

3 and 5 Star fertilizer, more than a high-quality product line.

Fertilisants liquides  3 et 5 étoiles

3 and 5 Star Liquid Fertilizer

No compromise when it comes to performance with our 3 and 5 Star liquid starters.

Produits fertilisants Synagri - Fertilisants Yara

Yara Fertilizer

Yara is a global company involved in the production of innovative and efficient products.

Produits fertilisants Synagri - N-Power Bleu

N-Power Blue

A unique, synergistic, nitrogenous solution with a less volatile composition.

Produits fertilisants Synagri - Biostimulants


CropBooster 2.0 and RR SoyBooster 2.0, foliar stimulants to relieve stress caused by agrochemical and climatic conditions.

Produits fertilisants Synagri - Fertilisants réguliers

Regular Fertilizer

High-quality regular granular and liquid fertilizer.


Fertilizer Guide

Fertilizer Guide

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Complete Synagri Guide - Fertilizer - Seed - Services

Complete Synagri Guide – Fertilizer – Seed – Services

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Denis Lévesque

Soils and Fertilizers Expert

Denis Lévesque Expert en sols & fertilisants


Technologist graduated in vegetable and fruit crops for 44 years; marketing and production of vegetables in fields and greenhouses for 20 years; trainer in soils and sustainable fertilization for 37 years; development of fertilization and research programs, fertilizer and precision farming services.


  • Communication of technical information related to our products on your farm
  • Improving the fertility of your soils
  • The deployment of precision agriculture on your farm
  • The choice of the most profitable crop management systems
  • The development of fertilizers specific to your needs

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Articles and Videos

Articles and Videos

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