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Health and Safety first, by commitment

The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is a priority. We implement practices that take into account the role and responsibilities of all our employees to ensure a healthy and safe environment every day.



Our OHS Committee is represented by voluntary and motivated ambassadors.

They were selected for their leadership capacity, their experience within our company and their knowledge.

They mainly ensure compliance with government standards and our initiatives in terms of organizational and individual activities.

They also ensure the development of communications, policies, incident follow-ups, and training.

Une approche holistique qui fait partie intégrante de notre culture

Proximity between HR and OHS


Our HR department brings OHS management well beyond the physical aspects of health and safety.

This focus of our HR department in our organizational structure provides an overview to assess the risks that may affect health and physical safety, but also to ensure the well-being of our employees in the workplace.

Through our rigorous approach, our supportive listening and our continued efforts, we are committed to better understand our employees, their concerns, and the risks they are exposed to in order to promote an OHS culture throughout the company.

Listening to our employees allows us to better understand their concerns and the risks to which they are exposed, and also to continuously develop their OHS skills and those of our managers.


When the public health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19 started, we set up a dedicated COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee to ensure the smooth conduct of our activities in the short, medium and long term.

The approach of this multidisciplinary committee is to adjust quickly to ensure the maintenance of our activities in a safe environment for everyone, in full compliance with our government’s guidelines and instructions.

Introduction to our virtual and face-to-face meetings, always start with a message to raise safety awareness and to never let our guard down

Wa also created an information page to keep our customers and partners informed.


We believe that this crisis will also leave a positive and lasting impression: increased hygiene measures, physical redevelopment of our open offices and telework jobs, reduction of nonessential trips, implementation of projects for the digital shift in our administrative and agricultural activities, and many other innovations.