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Our employees,
the roots
of our success

WE rely on agronomic and field data, and advanced fertilizer formulas.

WE own vehicles, tools, laboratories, warehouses, production plants, computer equipment and moving equipment.

WE operate through policies, standards, processes, production lines, handling, and deliveries.

WE measure our product sales, our services to customers, our inventories and our financial results.

But WE exist only if qualified people are responsible for entering the data, analyzing it and using it.

WE exist only if our people meet customers, identify their needs and provide them with the best products and services.

WE exist only if our people plan, produce, handle and deliver products to our customers.

WE exist only if our people test the quality, ensure customer satisfaction and fulfil their responsibilities.

WE exist only if our people have today’s agriculture at heart.

Our HR team is committed to doing everything in its power to make YOU want to make a difference and help producers perform better.

A simple process
representing our brand

WE are a company with a human dimension.

WE take the time to interact with candidates thanks to our authentic approach.

WE want to know your story.

WE consider that you are the best person to represent yourself.

WE are convinced that the right person, in the right position, within the right team, and with the right support can really thrive and make a difference.

If all this is also important to YOU, don’t wait any longer and submit your application.



agricultural producers
to be more productive



more than nice words on the walls


It's nice to see
how we plant
small seeds
to help each other

At Synagri we seek to grow and contribute to the success of collective projects within the company. But we also care a great deal about our participation in charitable activities that provide the opportunity to meet colleagues from other branches, and sometimes even get to know colleagues who we work with daily a little better. In other words, these activities are great opportunities to create authentic bonds.


To be an employer
of choice fostering employees’ cooperation


The right attitude and KNOW-HOW

Skills development,
the growth of people

WE promote communications between managers and employees.

WE ensure that all our team members have the skills to adapt well to their work and the company, but also to grow within it.

WE offer various types of training programs, such as technical training, assistance, internal expert support, external training, leadership skills development, coaching, webinars and virtual courses.

WE are a company built on the expertise of our people, and where know-how is at the core of our values.

If  YOU value a company that allow its employees to develop their skills according to their ambitions and talents, search no more: YOU found us.


We give you the floor. Here our people are the ones who tell you openly about their experiences.

Christian Duchesneau, agr. Expert fourragères & gazon & Coordonnateur du programme relève agricole


Forage & Turf Expert & Farm Succession Program Coordinator

I feel fulfilled and accomplished through my passion for forage plants. For me, professional colleagues and good teamwork are essential to a rewarding career, which is why I’m so proud to work at Synagri.

Gabriel Perras, agr. Expert protection & santé des cultures


Crop Protection & Crop Health Expert

Here at Synagri, we are a team of outstanding professionals. We work with the future in mind, and we trust our agricultural expertise to feed the world.

Mylène Desautels, agr. Experte céréales et analyste en semences


Cereals Expert and Seed Analyst

I have the opportunity to work in an environment that I love. With Synagri as my employer, I feel trusted and fulfilled through my passion for agriculture.

Vincent Tétreault, T.P. - Coordonnateur assurance qualité / Analyste en semences


Quality Assurance Coordinator / Seed Analyst

Agriculture is my passion, which is why I chose a career at Synagri; a company where I face different challenges every year and I thrive, as my employer trusts me with interesting responsibilities.


Happiness Expert

I’m with Synagri since 2015. My job is to make people happy, to be part of all the events where there is joy. I have the chance to participate and cuddle children at 24H Tremblant, play Dek Hockey, and many other activities. I’m also fortunate enough to meet our producers at certain events, and to play the star in many of our videos. My job is to male people laugh and collect hugs. Is there a nicer task than that? P.S. My name “Hectare” was found by a grower’s son in a competition and I love my name!

Abdelmoula Rhandi, agr. - Représentant des ventes


Sales Representative

My daily passion is working with agricultural producers to help them optimize their profitability. Their confidence in me, as well as the solid support from the great Synagri team, push me to perform continuously.

Alain Duval Représentant des ventes


Sales Representative

I am proud to work at Synagri, a company where I have opportunities and a thriving career. Being part of this professional team is stimulating.

Marc-André Fachinetti, T.P. - Représentant des ventes


Sales Representative

At Synagri, the work environment is very pleasant. My tasks can be just as much about management with clients as it can be about outdoor work in the fields!

Marc-André Rioux, agr. - Représentant des ventes


Sales representative and South Shore Sales Coordinator

Flexibility is essential these days in a work environment. My employer supports this approach and allows me to balance my professional and personal life. I have the freedom necessary to fully develop myself within a company that understands its employees’ needs.

Michel Parent, T.P. - Représentant des ventes


Sales Representative

I am proud to work as a representative for Synagri and contribute to the success of our customers.

Myriam Labbé, agr. - Représentante des ventes - Soutien technique


Sales Representatives

As a Sales Representative, I am proud to be able to assist agricultural producers through all seasons, as unique as they can be. At Synagri, we have experienced experts guiding us during our first years in the field.


Sales Representative

At Synagri since 1994, I have had the good fortune to meet passionate people who care about the soil that nourishes them. For all producers, I must keep myself up-to-date when it comes to agricultural news. To do so, I couldn’t be surrounded by a better team; together, we are always moving forward.
Véronique Dionne, T.P.- Représentante des ventes


Sales Representative

A career must be built and planned! At Synagri, I have the training I need to move forward. The profitability of agriculture will depend on visionary minds that are ahead of their time; I want to be part of that movement. I believe in research and the exchange of ideas. Thank you Synagri!

Vincent Cartier, T.P. - Représentante des ventes


Sales Representative

Combining my lifelong passion for agriculture and my work was the perfect option for me. At Synagri, teamwork is a key value, and it is a big part of my success and development.
Viviane Tremblay - Représentante des ventes


Representative & Organic Production Coordinator

What I like about Synagri is the team and the sense of belonging. Several of my colleagues have become friends. We are a big family!

Jean-François Villemaire, T.P. - Représentant des ventes


Sales Representative

Synagri shows me that I’m not just a number, that I’m important like everyone else in our own way. In addition, I have the autonomy I need to flourish within a company that understands my reality and allows me to balance work/family.
Josée Bellehumeur, T.P. - Technicienne PAEF



I appreciate the latitude that I am given to organize my work schedules. I am part of a team where I feel appreciated and listened to. Each employee has the chance to share their ideas in order to improve customer service and our work environment.

Josée Falardeau, agr. - Représentante des ventes


Sales Representative

My work at Synagri allows me to play a significant role in agricultural businesses. Moreover, it keeps me on my toes, which gives me a real sense of accomplishment. Since day one, I’ve always enjoyed working within the professional team at Synagri; I feel supported and appreciated.

Julie Cantin, agr. - Représentante des ventes


Sales Representative

“Passion” and “development” are two words that drive me. Synagri is a place where I can reach my full potential and where I am proud to work every day to contribute to the success of our customers and our agriculture.


Plant Foreman

Agriculture is dynamic and constantly evolving. Every year is different, which is why facing challenges and adapting are part of the everyday work at Synagri. Over time, it becomes more than a job, it’s a passion! My job is much more than just getting a salary, it is about the values expressed by my employer!

Caroline - Agent Logistique


Crop protection and Health Products Supply Coordinator

I work with the nicest colleagues there are. They are always ready to help; we make a great team. Moreover, teleworking makes my life so much easier. I can reconcile my professional and family life during the busiest periods of the year. This is priceless!


Logistic Fertilizers & Vehicle Fleet Coordinator

Knowing that each day will bring its own set of unique and varied challenges helps to appreciate the work done at Synagri. Colleagues and teamwork complete the recipe for a rewarding job.


Procurement Seed Coordinator

I work in a sector that motivates me the most, that of helping to feed the planet. Several challenges await us over the next few years and I am proud to contribute to them with the entire Synagri team.



Agriculture is part of my roots and Synagri gives me the opportunity to follow the culture of change while respecting the needs and expectations of our valued customers.


Plant Foreman

I have been working with a committed and responsible team for 24 years. Every day I learn and pass on the values of a company that trusts me and makes me grow. At Synagri I learned to know the world of agriculture and to serve passionate people who have the challenge of feeding the world.
I am proud to be part of a team that contributes to the well-being of my community.


Production Planner and Assistant in the Seed Laboratory

At Synagri, I get to live out my passion for agriculture knowing that each year will bring its share of unique and exciting challenges.


Plant Foreman

Stimulating and diversified work with a team propelled by a desire to go beyond.



I am very proud to say that I work at Synagri!

Mario Harnois


Quality and Maintenance Supervisor

I am passionate about agriculture, and I have found at Synagri the opportunity to surpass myself day after day as I am trusted to try different working methods.


Dispatcher Chief - Quebec

Working at Synagri is very motivating; the challenges, the teamwork… You have no idea how quickly the days go by. I love my responsibilities; they make me feel fulfilled in my work.


Operations Coordinator

Working at synagri gives me a sense of belonging. I have an attentive employer who recognizes our skills.

Pascal Duval


Plant Foreman

Synagri allows me to work in a unique and stimulating environment. Synagri is more than a passion, it’s a way of life!

Zouhir Kashi


Regional Operations Supervisor, South-shore

For me, three key values are essential for a thriving work environment: respect, trust, and commitment. Synagri has these three values at heart, and many others. I am very proud to say that I am part of the Synagri team.


Contremaître d'usine corporative

La grande confiance de mon superviseur et les nouveaux défis à relever quotidiennement me demandent à me surpasser jour après jour dans ce travail qui est loin d’être routinier.


Payroll & Benefits Technician

At Synagri, skill development and maintenance are part of the company’s culture. Therefore, our continued development promotes our constant improvement. For my part, my position gives me the freedom to show independence and initiative. Working at Synagri makes me surpass myself; I am proud to be part of this great team!


Credit & Collection Assistant

I feel appreciated at Synagri; we are all part of a big family with strong bonds.


IT Technician

I work with an amazing team in the IT department. Each day brings its share of challenges and is an opportunity to learn something new.


Accounting Technician

Synagri offers me personal and professional flexibility. My managers entrust me with a variety of tasks and responsibilities, which allow me to surpass myself. Their confidence in me fosters a nice autonomy. For me, working at Synagri is a great source of motivation.


Senior Payable Clerk

The year 2020 has been a turning point. To get through it, we needed an employer who knows how to adapt to our daily needs and realities, who shows humanism and confidence, who listens and recognizes talent while inspiring people to surpass themselves and tackle new challenges.

Josée Robidoux, CPA, CMA


Management Controller

Challenges that match my expectations, a stimulating work environment and the feeling of bringing added value are some of the reasons why I love my job and why I am proud to work at Synagri.


Programmer Analyst

The true strength of Synagri lies in its employees. They are kind, dedicated, persevering people with Synagri tattooed on their heart: that’s what makes me wake up with a smile every morning when I go to work.


Business Intelligence Analyst

Passion, honesty, employee recognition and respect are values that are part of the company’s DNA. I feel that my work is appreciated and that I can really make a difference. It is very rewarding. At Synagri, I have the privilege of working with competent people whom I greatly appreciate. We are a big beautiful and dynamic family. The challenges allow me to distinguish myself and thrive every day. It is very motivating.


IT Manager

At Synagri, the motto “Grow Crops Differently” is also expressed as “Work differently”. Passionate colleagues, a stimulating field, and fascinating challenges – that’s the Synagri difference!

Tommy Lacouture


Health, Safety and Well-being at Work Advisor

At Synagri, the human side is not neglected. This is one of the many benefits of working at Synagri. I feel privileged to be part of a team that shares the same values as me.


We take care
of our people.

Whether in terms of health or financial comfort, we constantly invest in the well-being of our employees to help them thrive in every way, in both their professional and personal lives.


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If you like challenges and if our values match yours, your career path may be leading you to Synagri! Simply click on APPLY NOW to send us your resume!

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Alfred, ONMont-Saint-Grégoire, QCSaint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC

2 February 2024

Student internship – Agronomic Services Agent

Mont-Saint-Grégoire, QCSaint-Arsène, QCSaint-Hyacinthe, QCUpton, QC

12 January 2024


If you like challenges and if our values match yours, your career path may be leading you to Synagri! Simply click on APPLY NOW to send us your resume!

spontaneous application